Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carnivals and Dinosaurs RAWRRR

The last time I was at the zoo, I picked up a few of their little miniature animal toys, which included this teensy little t-rex! They did a dino exhibit a while back, so I guess that's why they had them. I came up with the idea to make it a carnival scene and call it carnivore since THAT'S WHAT A T-REX IS! Maybe it's not that clever, but whatever, I like it. 

The hardest part was perhaps finding a mini ferris wheel. I found this particular vintage one on Ebay. I am so bad with reading size descriptions and actually being able to visualize it. I had no idea if this  would work, but it did! It also came with the little ticket booths, which I think add a lot to the scene. I already had the picnic people, and I decided to add those after I'd already been shooting a little. I almost always add or change something halfway through shooting that totally makes the shot. 

Overall I'm extremely pleased with this shot. It's a little more busy than most of my photos, but I think it's ok to have variety. I could see this being pretty awesome in a little boy's room. Maybe if you have two boy kids, one could have Space Jam in their awesome astronaut themed room, and the other could have this one in their prehistoric dino den! Hope you guys like it.

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