Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jon + Mary Margaret's Big Day

I've done quite a few weddings over the past 5ish years, but there are a few that stand out as my favorites. Jon and Mary Margaret's is one of those weddings. It's not necessarily all the little details that make a wedding so memorable, but the people involved. It helps that I shot Jon and Mary's engagement photos, so I got to know them a little before the big day. They are just absolutely fantastic people to work with!

They exchanged gifts before their first look, and both of them gave pretty awesome gifts! Mary Margaret gave Jon a pocket knife with their last name carved on it. She also gave him a gorgeous painting of the Lister family crest that she commissioned from an Etsy seller. It was amazing! Jon's gift to her was that beautiful bracelet on her wrist as well as a framed tow ticket from before they started dating. It's a really cute little story about how he told her she'd be fine to park in a particular place, but he was wrong about that and she got towed! They can look back at it and laugh now.

Those donuts were TO DIE FOR. The red velvet ones were particularly amazing, and I'm just salivating thinking about them now. I also adored their favors. Listers, Listerine...get it? So cute.

Weddings like this honestly don't feel like work at all. I just love interacting with so many wonderful people. These guys danced the night away too, I tell ya! I caught myself dancing along with them while I was shooting.

I hope you all enjoy the glimpse into this lovely wedding. I shot another one last weekend and have one this coming weekend as well, so you can look forward to a few more wedding posts like this. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!