Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back Home Where We Belong

Rhett and I just got back from vacation yesterday, which was WONDERFUL. It's always so nice to get out of town for a few days and not have anything to worry about besides eating and sleeping. I did have one little worry while I was gone though: my Chipper baby. This is the first time we've left him, and I missed him so much more than I anticipated! He was in great hands with Rhett's aunt and uncle, but I was still worried about him. I know, I know...he's a dog. He's pretty much happy with anyone who gives him food. I'm sure he didn't even notice we were gone.

 alien ears

I will admit that it was really nice being able to sleep a little later in the morning and walk around without wondering if he's chewing on something important. He's still quite a handful, so the rest without the responsibility was much-needed. I'm SUPER glad to be back home with him though! I thought he was going to explode when we picked him up yesterday. He was so excited to see us, which made me really happy.

ooooo what's that?! camera! lick! 

As a side-note, We got our last groupon Bark Box earlier this month! I went to cancel the subscription because I really don't need to spend the money, but I ended up just leaving it. He just loves getting the toys and treats, I couldn't stand to take that away from him! I was able to use a coupon for the next few months though, so that helped.

I hope you all are enjoying a nice week! The weather is decent today, though a little overcast. I'm hoping to get a run in this afternoon. I've got a few months to get my weekly mileage up before I start training for the marathon in December! I'm telling you guys that I'm running it so you MUST hold me to it. Don't let me back out.

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Ishna said...

Hi! You have a lovely dog! It looks like you really missed him.

Have a wonderful weekend!