Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding Talk: Reheasal

I hope you all had a great weekend, friends! For the first time that I can remember I actually forgot about the time change. I didn't have my cell phone by my bed, so I was looking at a little clock on my nightstand that I hadn't changed. So annoying! I would have loved that extra hour of sleep...oh well.

These pictures are some I took during the rehearsal/dinner for the wedding. It wasn't near as cold that day as it was on the wedding day, but we could see the rain a'coming!

The horses kind of freaked me out! At first I was excited they were coming up to us, but then I was afraid we weren't going to make it back through the gate. haha! But we survived. Miranda threw the flowers out into the field so they would walk that direction. During the actual wedding, the horses were off on the other side of the barn, so they wouldn't wander up on the ceremony.

The rehearsal dinner was so great! Rhett's mom did a wonderful job planning it. It was at a local Italian place called Baudo's that has been around since I can remember. I ordered some chicken parmesan and it was delicious! It seemed like everyone really enjoyed themselves, and it was a great way to relax and have fun before the wedding day. I am so disappointed in myself for not getting a picture of my outfit! I was wearing such a cute dress from Modcloth and some funky little heels. I guess I will have to wear it again one of these days so I can post it.

Rhett was listening to the Braves/Cardinals game that night. It was the game to determine the wild card team for the National League, so it was a pretty important one. Sadly the Braves lost :( But the Cardinals didn't win the series, so all is well!

Rhett gave each of his groomsmen a humidor full of cigars. Oh and the humidors had their names on them! I thought it was a thoughtful gift. I gave my girls each a milk glass vase with a silk scarf wrapped around it. I embroidered their names in the scarves and we used them to wrap their bouquets in. I also gave them each a vintage or antique brooch. I was so excited to pick out their brooches, and I think they loved them!

I'm planning to post some wedding photos this week. I can either break them into categories and post them, or I can just pick a few favorites and post all at once. Haven't decided yet, but I will definitely be posting SOMETHING this week :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures with the horses!

cb said...

wow those horses are so beautiful what a treat! when the a's were playing tom would always have his earphones on if we were out so he could listen to the game too! boys! hehe

alicia said...

THOSE HORSES!!! where do i need to be in order to be SURROUNDED by them??? *dying*

i'm so excited to see wedding piiiiiixxxxx!