Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Talk: Ceremony

You guys have already read a lot about my wedding, so for this post, I'll try to keep it to mostly pictures. These are my favorites from the ceremony. It was very short and sweet!

Josh wins at being the most stylish guest. Oh and that cutie on the left, Lisa, made my delicious jar pies.

My dad walked me down the aisle, and my step-dad performed the ceremony. It was so important to me to have them both be part of the day!

Like I said, my step-dad did the ceremony since he's a pastor, but I never even thought about him possibly getting choked up! He got a little emotional during the opening prayer, which was really sweet. Then again right before the rings (in the picture above) he got choked up AND he couldn't see his notes because of the rain on his glasses. It was starting to get a little funny, then he just backed up and was like "Well...crap." At that point everyone started laughing and we just sort of scurried through the rest of the ceremony. The rain was picking up, and everyone was shivering!

Love, love love our kiss photo. We didn't practice at all, but I think we did pretty well :) 

The wind made the lavender toss a bit difficult. I was so excited about that part, but it was kind of a flop.

The rest of the evening took place in the barn, and I wore my mustard sweater. I'll post a few reception pictures, and some more details from the day soon. I put a lot of work (but not money!) into the details, but I tried not to go overboard.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! The half marathon is looming over me right now, and I am just ready to get it done. Even if I have to walk half of it, I'll still be getting a nice tour of Memphis! (this is what I keep having to tell myself, so I don't get depressed about my injury...)

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cb said...

Your bridemaids dresses are just so beautiful. I love the setting for the ceremony and the stump you used. It looks so beautiful.i cant wait to see details!!!