Friday, November 9, 2012

Pastel Striped Birthday Cake

Confession: I turned 25 today. My last two birthdays have been pretty horrible...and that's only because I am a big baby and I hate getting older. This year has been slightly better. At my office we've been celebrating birthdays by getting together and doing an activity. For mine we "roasted" s'mores at the student commons. The grill didn't flame up like we thought it would, but the s'mores were still delicious! It was really just nice to get out in the sunshine for a bit and chat with my coworkers. I'm pretty lucky to work with a group of people that I actually like! I know a lot of people don't like their coworkers, but I consider all of mine my friends.

That's my "it's my birthday and I'm trying to be excited!" picture. I'm glad at least that we are having such nice weather today. It's been cold and rainy most of the week, but it's sunny and warm in the 70s today. Mother nature is making up for giving me a cold and rainy wedding day, I guess. Despite the warm temps, I wore a cardigan with my Toi et Moi tunic. And I had to wear my thick leggings because this tunic is definitely not long enough to be a dress. My bum doesn't show or anything, but I would be uncomfortable wearing this with regular tights or *gasp* nothing underneath.

tunic - Toi et Moi via Stitch Fix
leggings - Express (old)
cardigan - Kohl's (old)
earrings - Etsy, Stranded Treasures
flats - UO

I've been searching for something to replace my worn out nude flats forEVER. I wanted to just get the same ones I had, but they were almost $40 and I knew I would just wear them out in no time. I came across these on Urban Outfitters for only $15 (with a coupon) and so far I'm loving them! I love when I stumble across good deals like that.

So aside from a general gloom I've been feeling because I'm getting older, I have had a good day. I'm thankful for my wonderful friends for all of their sweet well wishes and gifts. My former roommate brought me these really cool vintage shoe molds that I was eyeing at the flea market last weekend. I am so excited about them! And when Margaret came by to take outfit photos today, she bought me coffee. I'm excited about tonight as well. Rhett is taking me out for sushi. We just went to see Wreck it Ralph on Tuesday (highly recommended, by the way) so I'm counting that as a birthday outing.

I hope the rest of you have a splendid night and weekend! I've got a couple of photo shoots this weekend that I'm looking forward to. The trees are going to be so pretty for them!


Ana McMurry said...

Kristi, I love you head to toe!:-) You are so perfect just the way you are that nothing you would put on could make it any better! I love the late Fall display of red colors around you, what a great spot you’ve found for your birthday photos!!! And by the way, Happy 25th! And happy more “young” years to come your way

Milex said...

coudn't be any better.

cb said...

Happy birthday!!! Yay!! So glad you are being positive about getting older :) its not all that bad!! I love your tunic, soo cute and the colors are great! Hope you have a great rest of your birthday weekend!

alicia said...

happy belated birthday! november birthdays are the best birthdays. <3