Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surprise Brunch for Margaret

With all the busy-ness of the last few weeks, I have put off posting these photos from Margaret's surprise party. Better late than never! It was such a wonderful time with friends. A while before Margaret's birthday, Josh decided he would try to throw her a surprise party, so he enlisted the help of Ben, Margaret's man candy (Mean Girls...did you catch that?). We each brought a brunch dish and set up in this adorable little garden area downtown. It's next to a photography studio and they rent it out for just like $50 a day. It's a steal! I actually got my senior pictures taken there when I was in high school.

I made muffins! 

Josh sure knows how to set up a table. Everything was delicious, especially those scones and mini BLTs. We mingled around with each other for a little while and waited for Ben to bring Margaret out. He told her he wanted to take her someplace special downtown, but didn't tell her where. So he just walked her right up to us, and we surprised her with a fun birthday brunch!

with the bff 

with the bf 

Like I said before, it was SUCH a fun day. I met some new people and got to spend time with some good friends. I am sure Margaret felt the love that day. If anyone deserves a top-notch celebration, it's her. I hope you had a happy birthday (forever ago), Margaret!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Love the pictures, Kristi!!

Diana Mieczan said...

It looks so fun and beautiful:) I love those photos. Kisses, darling.

Jennifer said...

This looks like a beautiful brunch!

xo Jennifer


Anonymous said...

AHHH!! So glad I finally made the blog :) Thanks for the sweet post and beautiful phots. So glad I've got such friends to help me document my big days.