Monday, October 29, 2012

Mustard, Plum and Midnight

I believe the cold is here to stay around these parts. We had a little heat wave last week where it got back up in the high 80s, but temps are back down in the 50s now. As much as I hate being cold, I have actually started enjoying bundling up these past few winters. I am planning to pull out my heavier jackets and sweaters this week, and put away my thin tops. I also love wearing scarves! I got a few new ones at the end of last winter that I'm excited to start wearing.

I wore this color blocked dress the other day, and it is pretty perfect for Fall! Looking at it now, I'd probably wear it differently. The gray jacket was an attempt to make the shoes work with the dress, but they really just don't. I just really wanted to wear these shoes that I got from Modcloth :) I bought them (A). because they were cute and not overly expensive and (B). the heel was thicker than my wedding shoes and I could possibly sub them if needed...which I didn't. They aren't super high quality, but they are pretty comfortable for the minimum walking around that I do during the day!

I like it much better without the jacket, and since this was one of the hotter days, I didn't wear it most of the day. I'm still carrying around a belly pooch from all the eating I did at Disney World, so it was a little tight around the middle! I need to get back into better eating habits now that Rhett and I have settled in. I have been cooking for him, but I don't cook near as healthy as I did for just me. I don't know what my deal is, but I've been going crazy with the carbs in our meals...bread bread bread breaded stuff bread bread potatoes....etc. I'm making an attempt to add more green to our meals this week, so we'll see. I hope to post some about recipes I try! I made some roasted potatoes last week that I am going to post on here, and I think you guys will enjoy that one. It was really easy and REALLY tasty.

dress- Forever 21
tights- Marshalls, several years ago
jacket- Target
shoes- ModCloth
necklace- Express


Rhonda said...

Love the fashion show. Love the comments on cooking. Chester County men like carbs. lol Didn't get to sign our name at your wedding. Can I send you some advice or recipes or housecleaning tips? lol Speaking of carbs, wanna walk with Teresa and me Saturday in American Cancer Society Making Strides walk? Is this an inappropriate place to ask that? Love ya! Rhonda

cb said...

I love that dress and those shoes! Great outfit kristi. Im not ready for the cold. The weather here has been strange cold mornings and then really warm during the day, i dont know what to wear!

Ana McMurry said...

I never thought plum-colored tights could look so good on somebody, especially paired with a muster-colored skirt, but you made this outfit ROCK again Kristi!!! Love the shoes too, they seem like they would go well with skirts and pants as well, and the heal doesn’t look too high to make walking uncomfortable. Love your style Kristi, you are unafraid to try new colors.