Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eggplant Mozzarella Melts

When I went to the store the other day, I bought a nice big eggplant to eat. I do this all the time...I buy an eggplant, then I don't know what to do with it so I just let it rot. Shame! I was determined not to let that happen this time, so I found a recipe that I thought Rhett might like (he's not crazy about eggplant). I stumbled upon this one from Martha Stewart: Eggplant and Mozzarella Melt. It was ridiculous how easy it was! I have tried breading and baking eggplant before and kind of failed, but it worked a lot better in rounds rather than long slices. Making a pizza-type dish with a french loaf is no new thing, but I never thought to do it with eggplant. Next time I buy eggplant, I might just tackle eggplant parm (one of my favs!)

As you can see, I left it in a little longer than it needed. But a little browned cheese never hurt anyone, right? At least it didn't have a charred taste. Have any of you tried this recipe? If you like eggplant and don't mind a bread-y meal, I highly recommend it!


Garner said...

You should tackle the eggplant parm-- beth wilson introduced me to the cooks illustrated version w/ her twist and it was so great! here is the cooks illustrated version: (i would link to their site but you have to be a member to view the whole recipe). Instead of assembling it how they do in the recipe though...just after taking the baked eggplant out of the oven, top w/ a chunk of mozzarella so it melts. Then just serve the eggplant rounds over noodles and right before you serve, top w/ the sauce. That way the eggplant stays crispy--it's a keeper :)

cb said...

Mmm i love browned cheese! This looks great, i love eggplant but never know what to do with it either! Next time try the eggplant parm!xo,cb

Ana McMurry said...

Eggplant is one of my old-time-favorite things to eat!!! Never tried it your way, but will definitely have to do it I usually roast mine on the grill until very soft inside, then I make a salad (or caviar, some people call it) with it: chop it up with a knife on the cutting board until it resembles a paste, chop some red onion, press some fresh garlic, salt & pepper, olive oil, and serve with fresh tomatoes and fresh bakery bread. It’s sooooo good, I would eat this everyday