Tuesday, April 5, 2011

special trenton trip

A few weeks ago my aunt and two cousins were in town, so I went to have dinner with them. I took Paige with me and enjoyed a nice filet mignon with my family. T and Pop are AMAZING cooks...the food was beyond delicious. Before dinner, we ventured to a family friend's house to see all the daffodils in front of his house.

 Mom and me in the daffodils. It was way colder than I expected so I had to borrow her sweatshirt! I think I was also wearing socks with my sandals at the time...thus the hidden feet. 

 My adorable cousins

They seemed to go on and on! Daffodils are my absolute favorite flower, so this was like a dream for me. I think the reason I love daffodils is because of Big Fish. That movie just gives me all kinds of butterflies, and my favorite part is when he comes up to Sandra's window in a field of daffodils. AH heart=melted! I really wish that I could have daffodils in my wedding someday, but there's such a small window of opportunity, that I doubt that will ever happen.

Paige and me just freezing to death...no big deal

My aunt and little cousin made these wonderful little desserts! I can't remember exactly how they made them, but it was cookie formed into cupcake liners. They pushed it down in the middle then dipped the edges in chocolate and nuts. To top it off they had ice cream in the middle with drizzled chocolate on top. AMAZING! Leah is going to follow in her mommy's cooking footsteps :)

One last picture! Driving through Trenton, Paige and I were gawking at all of the houses and wishing we could live in them. We were actually going so slow that people started honking. Whoops! Anyway, this one was awesome enough that I had to stop and get a picture. Doesn't it look like a dollhouse?! I would love to live in a house with this much character...I would probably run a photography studio out of it and be the happiest girl in the world :) It IS for sale...only 700,000. No.big.deal.


cb said...

the daffodils look so beautiful! i just love that picture of you and your mom! you both look so so cute! and the picture of your two cousins!


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

That house looks like a Victorian doll house! Always so wonderful to see sign of spring!!