Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Kills at the Cannery Ballroom

Alanna, Gabrielle and I went to see The Kills at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville last night. It turned out to be a really great show! We were really close to the stage, but of course the closest people were all tall guys, so I still had to strain to see. There was also some twerp in a stinky leather jacket that squeezed us back despite my efforts to stand my ground (some people just plain amaze me with their chivalry).  I did manage to get a few decent pictures from the show, so I wanted to share them here.

They were both great performers. It's always a lot more fun when the musicians are really energetic...and that they were! I highly recommend seeing them live, even if you aren't a huge fan. I don't know all the songs by heart or anything, and I still had a great time.

I guess I should comment on my outfit, since I have a picture of it. That is seriously the most comfortable shirt I've EVER worn. I got it at Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and saved it for this show. I've been really loving that kind of pattern lately. I went through a phase a few years ago where I bought a lot of those Aztec/Mayan-ish prints, and I guess I'm back in that phase. I'm glad I saved some of my pieces from a few years ago!

shirt, necklace: Urban Outfitters
jeans: Express
shoes: Target
bag: Pangea (Nashville)

I hope you guys like the pictures! And if you've never listened to The Kills, here's my favorite song: Sour Cherry.  I actually did a video during Sour Cherry, but the quality looked pretty bad when I put it on YouTube. I'm going to try to fix it and post it, but until then you have LOTS of pictures! 

Happy early Easter!


sarah hayes said...

kristi, your outfit is awesome! your blog is so neat. i love the design. hope you're doing well! :)


cb said...

yay how exciting! looks like they put on a great show! i need to go to a concert soon! glad you had a great time!