Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a scoutin' we will go

This coming weekend, my friend Abby and I are going to do another fashion shoot! The last one that we did was at a landscaping place (here), and I can't believe we've gone a whole year without doing another one. We don't do them for any particular reason...just to get portfolio images and to keep our creativity alive. Anyway today we went scouting. It's WAY short notice...and I don't even have a model yet, but Abby is still in school so things typically just come together in a matter of days. We were going to drive out of town, but I decided we should run by Casey Jones Village to look at the historic home they are restoring.

It's GREAT! I love how bare it is right now. It'll be a real challenge for me to try and put the focus on the clothes instead of just photographing the location...which is what I usually end up doing. My idea is to use some great creamy colors in cuts with a lot of movement. If my model is willing, I want to put her in some loose slips and possibly some jackets...I don't know, I've still got some thinking to do about that.

This house was so much different when I was there in November. Some of the walls had insulation, but most were just frames still. The floor was covered in dust and the windows were practically the house almost looks ready to be furnished. I do miss the interesting paper on the ceilings, but other than that, everything is much improved! The high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows make me swooooooon. If you'd like to read some about the history of this incredible new piece of Jackson, check here.

Isn't Abby a doll? She'll be shooting as well. I'm interested to see how our photos turn our in comparison since we're working with the same location. We actually got quite different results with the last one!

I can't wait to show you the images we take this weekend!


Holly said...

What a gorgeous place! I'm sure it will bring you plenty of inspiration. :-)

Clara said...

ohh its a lovely place :)

Rachael said...

Awesome! Love your blog!

cb said...

i think that house will make a perfect place! i can't wait! have fun shooting!


b. said...

what a great building!


ben+alex said...

that house is gorgeous!
i am new to your blog and loving it:)

Jessi said...

looks like a great location! can't wait to see the pictures