Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ben & Haley Summer Wedding at Maple Grove Farm in Collierville


When I met with Haley last fall about her summer wedding, I could tell she was excited for pretty much one thing: being married to Ben, and the rest was just extra. She went through a few different plans for the wedding, and ultimately landed on having it at Maple Grove Farm in Collierville, which is a small pond and reception hall nestled at the end of a neighborhood. Given how loving and sweet Haley is, it's no surprise that she had some wonderful family members pitch in to make the venue look gorgeous.  

Everyone arrived at the venue at about 8am to start getting everything ready, and I started photographing details as well as Haley's hair/makeup. A little while into this, I asked for Haley's dress. She looked up, and I could see a look of dread come over her face. "I forgot my dress. I remembered all those drinks and snacks, but forgot my dress!" She called Ben, but she didn't want him to see it if he brought it, so they decided to have their friend Kristen run by and get it, since she had offered to help out. In no time, SuperKristen arrived with the dress, and all was well! 

Something blue: A piece of her dad's tshirt sewn into the dress lining

Haley made Mr. and Mrs. ring boxes for her nephews to carry the rings in. I decided to incorporate those in the ring shot. I also LOVE the gold rings. They look so classy and elegant.

Unfortunately, shortly before the wedding day, Haley's grandmother had a medical issue and went downhill quite fast. On the wedding day, she was in hospice care. I know this was so hard for Haley, but she reminisced a bit about her grandmother, and played a couple of voicemails from her. It was such a sweet and touching moment to witness.

Haley's nephews and niece were in the wedding, and they were a blast to photograph!

Loved Ben's braided suspenders and bow tie. It's always great to see grooms put their own spin on the traditional look. 

Haley looks so stunning to me in this photo!

I love catching those sweet glances that parents give their children on the wedding day. It's a big day for everyone!

Just moments before the ceremony! Last minute advice :)

Haley's wedding collection included a second photographer, so I had the lovely Karissa White with me that day. Karissa is a fantastic photographer, and she did an awesome job covering things I wasn't able to get while I was inside. I'm so thankful she was there with me getting all of those extra moments! She's also just a genuinely wonderful and selfless person. You guys have to check out her work.

They did something I've never seen before. The pastor announced for everyone to remain seated to give Haley's mom a first look of the bride. After they started coming in, everyone else was asked to stand, but this was a unique way to include her mom in the ceremony. Luckily I knew this was happening, so I stood on the other side and wasn't in Karissa's shot from the back :) It's always important to know little details like that!

The unity ceremony was with a tree, which is fitting because Ben owns a landscaping business. The mothers put in dirt, then I think Ben and Haley also put in dirt. I am fuzzy on the details, but I love that it was something different!

There was no water in the can. That was just one detail that got overlooked in the preparation, so Ben improvised and pretended to water the tree. It was a cute and funny moment! I don't think the tree suffered too much :)

Mr. and Mrs. Hanks! 

The darker leaf in the front of her bouquet is a leaf from her grandmother's orchid plant. 

Karissa caught this adorableness while I was doing portraits. The little mini horses where so precious! 

The grooms cake was nuts! Doesn't that look like a real grill?! I couldn't believe how realistic it was.

Haley's sister Emily caught the bouquet, and I loved her mom's reaction (far right). 

The getaway car was pretty sweet! 

And they're off to Jamaica! That's been the hot-spot this year. Well, Jamaica and St. Lucia. I always try not to look too envious when couples head off to a week of relaxation on a gorgeous beach. *sigh*

Congrats, Ben and Haley. You two were wonderful to work with!

Catering: Commissary BBQ
Bouquet: Lindsey Champagne
Bride's Hair: Raghan Thorne
Bride's Makeup: Kasey Acuff
Coordinator: Becky with Bride Savers

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