Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Film Shots from Early 2015

I don't have any real reason for taking these other than....I can. I stumbled across some expired film (that obviously hasn't been stored properly) and thought I might as well use it! It probably doesn't help that I've left the camera in my car a lot, and it's pretty hot out. I still like the results of some of these! If you want so see some REALLY GOOD work with film, check out my buddy Josh Garcia's recent project here: Southern Primavera. He is constantly blowing me away with his talent.

And here are my snaps from the past few months!

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One of my July couples, Forrest and Elizabeth. Their wedding is going to be so fun! 

And then we had an ice storm! 

Some Supercross action in Atlanta. This was at the start of one of the races. It says which race on the screen (under the fire) but I'm too lazy to zoom in and see.

These two are getting married in a week and a half! Their snowy engagement session was awesome. 

That's Josh, the Southern Primavera artíst, and Kelsey, who is moving to Florida soon (BOOOOOOO)

My little niece on the go, as usual. 

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