Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zach & Gabrielle Chickasaw State Park Engagement Session

I posted a few weeks ago about my friend Gabrielle's wedding, and my experience as a bridesmaid. I realized, however, that I hadn't posted her and Zach's engagement session yet! Since it's starting to get cold now (curse you, winter), it's nice to look back at these and remember the warm sunshine that day.

Zach is a park ranger, currently working at Chickasaw in Henderson, so what better place to do their engagement photos?! It was a perfect day for them, and even though Gabrielle hates having her picture made, they did awesome. I don't know how she's survived all these years having me as a friend when I am constantly trying to take her picture :) ha

This is why I think Zach is so perfect for her. He keeps her laughing :)  

We had to bring their three amazing dogs out for the last few shots. You can tell how good Ranger is...he's smiling!! Really all three of them did great. I can't imagine being able to get Chipper to sit still for a picture like that.

Well that's all! Hope you enjoyed the photos. It was a fun afternoon with my good friend and her now husband. That was actually my first time meeting Zach, so I was glad I liked him! I definitely think they are going to have a wonderful life together, and I'm so happy that she asked me to do their engagement photos. <3 p="">

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