Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Matt & Ruth's Greenhouse Nursery Sun-Drenched Golden Hour Engagement Photos

Ok, I realize that I JUST posted an engagement session, but I kind of love them. So here's another one! I met Matt & Ruth through mutual friends and a running group. Last fall we actually ran a half marathon together, and I swear these two got me through it! Ruth and I were so exhausted, but Matt kept our spirits up and kept us going. There was no way he was going to leave her side! They are seriously so head-over-heels for each, it's adorable. They actually got married a month ago today, so I'll be sharing their wedding photos very soon!

I mean. Seriously. How cute are they?! Can't you tell they are madly in love? Ruth says they are "big flirts" and I love it! Makes my job incredibly easy when couples interact this well. As you can tell we went for the sun-drenched/warm/summer vibe for this shoot, and I loved the results. I'm definitely a big fan of shooting in the sun, and I am trying to improve on it with each shoot. A few things I'm working on:

  • backlighting without too much haze
  • using a reflector to help balance the light in front of the subject
  • using covered shade when the sun is directly overhead
  • getting the sun/myself/my subject in the best spot for flattering light
Sunlight is so much fun to work with, and I feel like there are so many possibilities! I don't mind overcast days, but the sun adds so much drama and character to photos that I always hope for it, especially for portraits. 

P.S. Did you notice that I changed my blog name? Finally...after several months of going by Woody & Pearl Photography :) Feels good to have that done, even though none of my old blog links work anymore.

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