Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lancaster Fall Family Photos

In the fall, my coworker Scott asked me to take some family photos for him out at their lovely home in the woods. They have a great space with tons of trees and a really awesome tree house! I mostly photographed their adorable kids, but I got a few full family shots in. I love the way these turned out, even though most of the leaves had fallen by the time we shot them. The yellow leaves in that first photo are my absolute favorite!

Is Amelia gorgeous or what?! I'm going to have to get her to model for me soon.

Fall is definitely my favorite season, and I really miss it when winter just seems to drag on and on! I hope you all have been staying warm in this little cold snap. I've been stuck in the house for 3 days now, and I'm going a little nuts. I am planning on trying to get out in a bit...that is if I can make it out of my icy neighborhood.

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Hollie Nickolls said...

I love these. And now I miss fall!

I hope you're able to get out soon. Stay safe and warm. :)