Monday, October 21, 2013

Crown Engagement Party for Barg

So I have these two friends, right? Ben and Margaret (or Barg). They got engaged (!!!), and my other friend Josh threw them a magnificent engagement party at the Crown Winery. He used some of my wedding plates and vases for the event, and we picked out some great candlesticks to line the table. It was super classy and elegant! He also set up this cute little message in a bottle table. You could write a little note then put it in the bottle, and they'll open them after the wedding. I am always down for offering advice, especially now that I'm semi-qualified to give it! Maybe after 5 years of marriage, I'll be fully qualified. haha

Margaret's former roommate Courtney also helped plan the party, and she made these adorable and simple coasters. I love that idea!

I also got to shoot their engagement portraits earlier last week with Josh, so we had a few of our shots on display. The ones in the kudzu are his, shot on his 35mm camera, and the others are mine. I can't wait to blog them all!

We made them practice dancing for the wedding. These two are amazing, and I'm so lucky to call them my friends! Thank you Josh and Courtney for planning such an elegant party. It couldn't have been more perfect!

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ryanoetting said...

This is wonderful.
(and now I'm sad)