Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Eats: BLT

One of my favorite moments of every year is when I get my first home-grown tomato of the summer. My step-dad has had a garden ever since I can remember, so we always celebrated and cherished the first tomato harvest. The store bought ones are just never as good! I think my favorite way to enjoy them (besides just in slices with a dash of salt) is on a sandwich Harriet the Spy style. A close second would be adding them to a BLT. It doesn't get much more classic than a BLT! Toasted bread, crispy bacon, lettuce, and a fresh, juicy tomato (and ok, I admit it, I add mayo). My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I promise I've cleaned my stove since frying that bacon. I cook most nights, and I'm not one to completely clean after every meal. Once a week is good enough, right? (Hopefully my mom doesn't read this) Anyway, moving on. My friend Sarah had given me those huge lettuce leaves, so I used that on my sandwich. She got it in her CSA, which also included some dill, so the lettuce had a bit of a dill taste. It was actually kind of good! Who knew?!

Confession: I wanted to do this post primarily so that I could take pictures of this magnificent sandwich. Can you tell I like BLTs? They are definitely in my list of top 10 favorite foods. I think they are a bit too light for Rhett, so if I make them again this summer, I'll probably make them for lunch. If you've never had a BLT, I highly recommend you make one! Just make sure you use good tomatoes. A mealy tomato will ruin it.

What are some of your favorite summer foods? Hopefully you're all enjoying the endless supply of summer fruits and veggies as much as I am!

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Hollie Nickolls said...

tomato sandwiches.

I could eat them every day! They're so perfect with a little bit of pesto and cracked pepper.