Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Faris + Cady Backyard Wedding

I've had the pleasure of photographing several amazing weddings this year, and one of those was Faris and Cady's adorable and relaxed backyard wedding. The wedding and reception were held at a historic home in Bolivar, so there are some GORGEOUS interiors to use for photos. It's like a photographer's dream.

The outdoor photos were somewhat tricky because it was SO hot and SO bright. I feel like I am getting better at dealing with bright sun, but it's an area that I'm always nervous about. I need to teach myself how to use off-camera light in these situations to get correct exposure on faces and keep the background from blowing out. It's definitely something on my "to learn" list! I'd love to find a workshop on the subject...maybe that can be a 2014 goal. Oh and can we please just marvel at how the groomsmen committed to these photos below? Amazing.

They had all kinds of ideas, and they were all kind of hilarious. 

Cady has such a stunning natural beauty. She was a dream to photograph! 

After putting these together, I realized I didn't include any of the adorable details from the wedding! I was just so in love with some of the portraits that I forgot about some of the other things. They had a really cute little kid's area set up outside the tent where kids could play cornhole and some other fun games during the reception. It was such a fun and enjoyable wedding to shoot!

I am hoping that I get to shoot some more weddings at this location soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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alicia said...

i love the groomsmen reacting to the ring - so good! <3