Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding Talk: Girls Weekend

So last weekend my super sweet bridesmaids threw me a wonderful bachelorette party. They are truly amazing girls, and I'm so glad to call them friends! Me, Emily and Miranda went up to Nashville Friday evening, picked up my dress and enjoyed some time together with Libby. We all woke up Saturday and made some DELICIOUS waffles. I'm training for St. Jude, so we all headed to a park in Brentwood so I could run. It was hard to run while I knew they were having fun on the playground, but I did it anyway :) After we got back to the house and got showered we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory...OMG so good. After that we headed to the hotel in Franklin that we stayed at Saturday evening. It was so cute...kind of had a modern feel, but with a few retro touches.

We had a couple of hours to get ready before dinner, so we just goofed off for a while. The girls tried on their dresses for me. They got wrap dresses, so they can play with them and find whatever style they like best. I was personally really frustrated when I was trying to put one on, but they seem to like them ok. They do look very pretty when they are put on! Emily also gave us our bachelorette party favors. She got some cool glass mugs and made cozies for them. So fun! I picked out a blue one with some vintage fabric that was her grandmothers.

I acted a fool while everyone else got ready. I'm not a primper, so I had a lot of extra time. After a while Alanna, Paige, Kelsey and Gabrielle joined us and we headed over to Buca di Beppo (or Beeca da Bopbop as I called it all weekend). It's a family-style Italian restaurant and I absolutely LOVED it. The format was perfect for a large group, and the food was delicious. I was especially fond of the eggplant parmesan (as I usually am). They also brought out this weird brownie/icecream/whipped topping concoction. It wasn't particularly good, but it was a nice gesture.  

My lovely lady friends

After dinner we headed downtown to a dueling piano bar called Big Bang. It was a blast! It was pretty crowded so it was hard to find a good spot to stand, but we could hear the music anyway. The performers were quite good, so it was fun entertainment. I got to see another bachelorette go up there, and I was extremely thankful my friends didn't send me on stage. I would have died of embarrassment! After a few hours at Big Bang we got ice cream downtown and headed back to the hotel. It was such a fun night! 

Like I said before, I have the BEST friends. It meant so much that they all came out to spend the evening celebrating with me. I have to be honest, it was insanely weird to have an evening center around me. I know birthdays kind of go that way, but I've never been a huge birthday person, so I'm not used to it. I guess it helped prepare me for being the center of attention next weekend (yep...only one more week until wedding time)! Just thinking about having 200 people looking at just me and Rhett makes me kind of squirmy. I guess I'll just have to get over it!


Hollie said...

I feel the same way about being the center of attention. Its just weird! (I think for me, it's because I'm a middle child.)

Stephanie Smith said...

I also hate being the center of attention and was fighting a panic attack right before I came down the aisle. I saw two guests, then my eyes were on Chris, and I didn't care that 200 other pairs of eyes were on me. As cheesy as that sounds, it's true. You won't notice you're the center of attention when you're actually getting married.

Ana McMurry said...

I loooooove the black& white pictures of your friends, they all look so happy! I really like the mugs too, special just like your friends.
Looks like you had a great time on your bachelorette night away from home!!! As of being the center of attention on your wedding day, you better enjoy it, because after the wedding is over, it all goes back to normal Enjoy your last week of single life