Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Talk: Cake

As the wedding day gets closer (less than 2 weeks!), I get more and more ready for it to just be here already! I have lots of little projects to finish up, but everything major is ready to go...except tables. I need to find like 10 more tables. Anyway, one of the things I got nailed down last week was cakes. We're not doing a wedding cake, but I wanted to have some cake there for people who like it. The main dessert is actually going to be pies, but I'll post about that later.

So cake!

My dear friend Stephanie's mom is a master cake maker, and she is making me three cakes for the wedding. When we first started talking, I put together a pinterest board of things I like, so she would know where to start.

I knew I wanted something that was unassuming and looked...edible. Everything in the wedding is super laid back, so I think the cake should match. I love texture, so most of what I have on the board is about the texture of the icing!

For the two tier cake, she is going to do that texture on the left, and we're going to add lavender around the middle. I had a cake once that was almond cake with a raspberry filling that was absolutely amazing, so I requested that. I've got to figure out a way to try all of these things without busting out of my dress!

The other two cakes will have these textures. She said she would have fun making these, so I'm excited to see them! One will be pink-lemonade cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and the other will be chocolate mint. My maid of honor made a face when I told her the flavors (she and I don't agree on a lot of foods), but I'm hoping everyone else will find something they like!


alicia said...

i want to eat ALL of those cakes!

cb said...

I love your cake ideas! I love those succulents too. The pie is a great idea, i love it. My friend was going to do that and her sister was gonna make them but she didnt have time. I cant wait to hear what kind you are gonna get. Yay, your wedding is in two weeks!!!!!! So excited for you!

Stephanie Smith said...

Mom told me about the icing texture, but I hadn't heard about the flavors! Yum!!

Melissa Blake said...

oh man, those look so tasty right about now!

Diana Mieczan said...

They all look very beautiful and I especially adore the one with lavender. So pretty! Kisses, dear.