Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fourth Stitch Fix

Remember how I posted about Stitch Fix (back in April)? Well, I've been getting a box each month since then, and for some strange reason haven't shared the other two! I just get so excited about ripping open that box that I forget to photograph the items. Fortunately, I remembered this time! I kept an awesome blazer from box 2, and nothing from box 3. I was pretty pleased with this box, but I only ended up keeping one shirt. Here's a rundown of what I got...

This bracelet was almost too beautiful to say no to, but I'm trying to be good about my spending...or at least better...so I passed on it. Maybe if I knew I would wear it, but I know it would just sit on my dresser and collect dust because I very rarely sport bracelets, especially fancy ones. 


I absolutely love the high-low hemline that has been getting around lately (though Rhett informed me he thinks it's ugly). I was pretty pumped about this dress, but then it was way too loose in the bust area. You can see from the picture that I was having to hold it up. I could definitely adjust the straps, but even then, it's not the most flattering. The waistline is all the way up under the bust, which isn't a great look for me. If they made a dress with this print and material with a cinched waistline, I would definitely scoop it up! 

I like the color of this shirt a lot, but it was way way way too loose fitting for me. I just don't like the cut of it. It happens! It definitely has good qualities, like the pleating and the cool buttons...it just isn't right for me. 

 jaloux (sorry can't find this one online)

This is a lot more my style as far as blouses go, but I wasn't a fan of the fabric. Of course it's going to be wrinkly when it comes out of the box, but I've had shirts that felt similar before and they don't iron well. It was like a silky fabric, but not as slick. Not sure what it's called!

Ark & Co. (can't find this online either)

Last, but not least, is the top that I'm keeping! While it's probably not something I'll wear too often (because those laser cuts are just ASKING to get caught on something and rip), I loved this too much to send it back. I don't have anything in this coral color that I know of, and I thought the laser cuts were really fun. I think it will look best with black under it, and I got some great gray jeans this weekend that I might wear with it.

Overall, this box was just ok. I love all the colors/prints they sent, but I didn't care for the style of most of the items. I think I might be too picky about fit, but that's not a bad thing, is it? I'm sure my Stitch Fix stylist is scratching her head every time I pick apart an item thinking "WHAT DOES THIS CRAZY WOMAN WANT?!" Well...I just want to try new things! That's what's fun about it :) Even if I only keep one item, I still have fun going through the box.

If you haven't tried it out yet, you can sign up here! I highly recommend it, even if you only do it once. You pay $20 up front, but it counts as a credit toward an item if you buy. If you don't keep anything, you do lose that $20, so it's always good to keep at least one item!


cb said...

the shirt you picked is soo cute and it screams you! i love it! i met someone who works at stitch fix and i have been playing with the idea of trying it out. it sounds like sooo much fun! like a personal shopper that comes to your house! what could be more fun then that!

his little lady said...

i'm in love with the hi-low hem line style. so beautiful!!!
xo TJ