Wednesday, January 26, 2011

too much snow to handle

These pictures are actually from last Thursday, but it just snowed AGAIN last night. This winter has brought an uncharacteristically large amount of snow to my neck of the woods. I'm just glad it's not the kind that lingers for days and days. I'm not a big fan of snow, so I'm just ready for it to stop. While it's actually snowing, I think it's the most gorgeous thing in the world, but once it becomes a slushy mess I HATE it.

I was so excited to find these BCBGeneration shoes at Marshall's for only $20! I almost always get my shoes there. I'm so rough on my shoes that I feel bad spending a lot, but this way I can get decent quality shoes and not feel bad for wearing them out! The necklace was made by my dear friend, Amanda. She doesn't make jewelry regularly, but she keeps it up as a hobby. I think she's great at it! I wish I had a closer shot of this necklace. It's made of individual wire squares.

This was pre-haircut. I am a much happier person now, without my unsightly dead ends. Also, I'd like to thank Sarah again for taking my pictures! There was no way I could set up a tripod on my back porch in the snow...without killing Chuck (my camera). Luckily Sarah was dropping by to pick something up anyway! Thanks, friend!

shirt, vest, jeans - Express
shoes - BCBGenration (Marshall's)
necklace - handmade
earrings - years and years old, from my childhood


cb said...

i just love the last picture of you in the snow. it is so beautiful! the teal color looks great on you by the way ;)


whitney said...

Snow!! I haven't seen snow all winter! I guess that is what I get for living in Texas. I don't like snow all that much so I guess it's a good thing! :)

Pretty Little World said...

I'm so sick of winter. I would really rather live in a place where there are only three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

If it has to snow the week of Christmas, I could deal with that. But then I'd like to go back to a snowless, iceless, mushy-less landscape please.

P.S. - Gorgeous outfit + photos!!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

That last photo is perfect!