Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Christmas Gifts

So this past Christmas, I decided to document some of my gifts. These aren't the only great gifts that I got, just the most photogenic. Even though I know it's not the purpose of Christmas, I just really enjoy picking things out for people and seeing what they picked out for me. To me, giving a gift (no matter the value) is the best way to show that you care! I love that I've never felt obligated or pressured to give gifts to my family members, so each gift that I give is straight from the heart (sorry about the mushy gushy). I like to believe that is also true for the people that gave me the gifts that I'm about to share :)

This was my gift from Pop. He knows that I've been collecting cameras since I inherited my Granddaddy's collection, and he gave me this amazing camera to add to my collection. When he was teaching, one of his colleagues used this camera (and another one just like it) for yearbook photographs. When this colleague passed away, the cameras ended up with Pop...and now one of them is sitting proudly on my bookshelf.  It really means a lot to me that he gave me this! I can't wait to get some film and test it out.

When you tell people you like milk'll get a lot of milk glass for Christmas. This isn't even all of it! Of course I love each piece, and I've got quite the vase collection going now. I'm planning on using them for my wedding someday. 

This is a vase from a local potter, Eric Botbyl. Eric and I have some mutual friends and have met a few times. I really love his work so mom got me this vase of his. He used rope to make those great grooves in the side, and apparently this was the first time he tried that! So I guess it's a first edition of sorts :) 

Mom got this adorable little camera from Etsy. It was in my favorites, so she knew I'd like it! I have this little guy sitting on a shelf in my room. 

Paige got me this really cool lens case from the antique store. I haven't used it yet, but it looks really cute sitting with my cameras! 

Here's another gift from mom, a gorgeous scarf from Etsy. I love the colors in this one...and it's SO SOFT. 

This lamp was given to me by T (my step-dad's mom/Pop's wife). She knew that I loved milk glass and gave me this lamp that she used to use in her home! I love it! I'm planning on moving it to the living room someday, but right now it's brightening up my dining room.

Some other great things that I received: Anna Sui retrospective, new GPS, Shadowbox with keepsakes of my Granddaddy's, Boy Meets World 4, awesome new radio for my car, floor lamp, and lots of other wonderful things from wonderful people. This really was a wonderful Christmas. I got to see a bunch of people that I love, and it was actually a nice relaxing break from "regular life."

Ok that is officially the LAST post from Christmas 2010. I hope I didn't burn you all out :)


Kristina said...

Wonderful gifts, that Yashica is just beautiful! Hope you'll have lots of fun using it! Love the pottery vase as well :)

Hollie said...

the cameras! love!

Copious Couture said...

Love all the pieces you got... so lovely!


cb said...

oh what a great twin lens! have you started using it yet? it is sooo much fun! can't wait to see your pictures!


Taj Acosta said...

oh my I love milk glass too! I just bought a ton at a thrift store! I thought I was the only one these days! That lamp is stunning!!

Small Burst said...

Ah... a girl after my own heart. I love old cameras and milk glass too! I currently have 2 old cameras in my collection. LOL. Not much but it'll be fun looking for them when I'm at garage sales this summer.

jody mcdowell said...

i'm so jealous of the yashica!