Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend: Spontaneous mini-vaca

 To start off the weekend, I went to see my sister (sometimes I think she's my clone). We enjoy silliness.

And then...

Me and Rhett went to Atlanta! Aramark does the food at the university where I work and Saturday was their client appreciation day sooooo we got free tickets! It was quite a drive (6 hours), but it was worth it to get away for a bit. Sorry about the excess of pictures. I have a bad memory so I'm hoping that years from now I can look back and actually remember my experiences from the pictures!
Highlight of the game. Chipper killed the ball...and everyone was happy. When the Braves took the field after this inning, they let Chipper run out by himself and everyone cheered like crazy. It was pretty cool. Also, I'm really glad I got to see Chipper play in his last season!
There were lots of braids in Atlanta...I definitely felt like I fit in. 
It was hoooootttt...but our seats were in the shade :) Lucky us.
My Braves fan...he actually cooperated for this picture.

The next day we went to Ikea!!! I've always loved Ikea, and even though I'm more into handmade and vintage things now, I still really wanted to go. 
It was OVERWHELMINGLY LARGE. We were guided through a maze of rooms and oodles of home furnishings. I. was. in. awe.
I feel like this would look great over my dining room table....yeah I know it would.
Rhett tried out the office. His office chair hurts his back so he was drooling over the comfy ones. 
My new Ikea jars in my kitchen!

It was a good weekend.


heidi adnum said...

Looks like fun!

Teresa said...

The photos of you and your sister are absolutely adorable! So cute! :)

Copious Couture said...

Hi there, thanks for being my 85th follower! Your blog is lovely and I love the pictures!!!! You are very talented!


craftedbylindy said...

Oh Ikea. I literally live 2 minutes from one so it's no surprise that many of the rooms in my house look like mini Ikea showrooms. I can't resist!

Looks like a fun vaca!