Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent Weddings

This couple is really cute. I don't know them personally, but we have a LOT of mutual friends. Both of them graduated with me from Union the day after the wedding. Their wedding was in Collierville, TN on a farm. It was very cute and the heat subsided a little just for their wedding. 

The centerpieces (1st picture) were RAD! One of the bridesmaids and her mother grew the grass and everything. I was drooling over them like crazy. The lady with the hat was, by far, my favorite guest. I wish I could pull off a killer hat like that. I think they underestimated their guest list. There were a TON of people there. I am sure they felt very loved...which is always nice on a wedding day. And then they walked off into the sunset, like any good couple would do. 

Heather's (my boss) family is friends with Olivia, so Heather asked me to come along as second photographer for this wedding. My job is to capture the details and things that the main photographer would miss while doing all the traditional posed shots. I really enjoyed this wedding, although the mosquitoes (after the rain) drove me INSANE. Olivia is seriously one of the cutest brides ever. She's super bubbly...even through the rain that basically flooded where she was having the ceremony. 

She was super cute while waiting for her future husband to come down the path to meet her. This was before the wedding so we could get photos of them together BEFORE the wedding. Oh and her hair was pretty amazing. I don't know what style it is, but it's a good style for her. She also rocked some pretty stellar jewelry. After bride/groom photos the two of them took off toward some shelter...and she wore blue cowboy boots. Did I mention how awesome they were?


Meri said...

Your pictures are lovely! They really capture the sweetness of the day.

S and O said...

I love weddings they're always so pretty :D


lovely blog I'm now following you.