Sunday, June 12, 2016

Abby and John Austin's Elegant Southern Wedding in Brownsville, Tennessee

Last Saturday's wedding was such a dream! Abby and John Austin got married in the gorgeous Brownsville Baptist Church, an older building with beautiful stained glass windows. J. Kent Freeman did the flowers for the wedding, which provided such an elegant feel to the decor. Add to that the fantastic and madly-in-love bride and groom and you've got yourself a perfect day!

I arrived as Abby was getting her hair done and most of her bridesmaids were finished getting ready.

While Abby finished getting ready, she sent her sister down to where the guys were hanging out to give John Austin a letter. I snuck a couple of photos of him reading it.

It was finally time for Abby to get in her dress! She wanted her bridesmaids to all see her at once, so they stood with their backs to her while her mom and sister helped her into her dress.

She also had a really sweet moment with her dad. I rarely tear up at weddings anymore (I've never been much of a crier), but this father/daughter moment got to me!

Right before heading to the first look, Abby read her letter from John Austin.

After the first look, we did some portraits. We got just a few outside before the rain came. It only stormed for a little bit during this part of the day, then luckily it held off until later that night after the reception.

After portraits of the two of them, we got all of the bridal party and family pictures done before the ceremony. We ended up being right on time for just about everything, which was remarkable considering how many people were in the bridal party! We didn't have to chase anyone down because they were all so amazing and attentive.

I always love the pictures of the bride and groom with the little kids in the wedding. Aren't they all so adorable?!

My second shooter, Josh Garcia, got some great shots in the foyer as Abby was about to walk down the aisle. The shot above and the next two are his. LOVE these so much! These are moments that I don't get myself because I'm always getting everyone processing, so I love that Abby and her father have these memories captured.

That Bible has been carried down the aisle by at least two previous brides in Abby's family. It may have been three, but either way, it's a lovely tradition.

This is one of my favorites from the day. Such a sweet look from John Austin.  

And awesome balcony shot from Josh.

They're married!  

They left the ceremony in John Austin's grandfather's Bel Air, which I just love. They headed just a little bit down the road to College Hill Center for the reception.

Kent Freeman worked his magic at the reception too, and it was gorgeous. They had this place looking amazing! And may I say I am SOOOOO glad the rain didn't return until after the reception, because stuffing that many people under that tent and inside the building would have been difficult. Instead, everyone had room to move around, sip on glass bottled Coke and enjoy some delicious food from Me and My Tea Room.

Introducing the Finchers! 

I tried to get lots of photos of the guests because there were so many, and I know Abby and John Austin probably weren't able to talk to each of them. This was one of my favorite guest photos. Babies always make pictures 100% cuter!

We took a second to get some shots with the Bel Air since I didn't love the sunny ones outside the church. An antique car, a bride and groom, an old home and a Magnolia one photo. I think I have some new favs! Can you tell poor John Austin was hot? He was drenched, and I don't blame him. I think it was extra humid that evening!

They are high school sweethearts, and lots of their classmates were at the wedding, so we got a group shot. We did a normal one too, but this one is way more fun.

All the Chi Omega sisters. 

There was lots of dancing and fun, then we had a sparkler exit. This picture is before several of them got lit at once and exploded behind me. Abby's videographer, Sami Sue Studios, basically saved my life since I was about to back up. Once the fireball was put out, Abby and John Austin made their way back out to the Bel Air, which wouldn't start. No matter, it was parked on a slight hill, so with a little push they were off!

Congratulations, you two! I'm so glad you chose me to document this day for you.

Ceremony Venue: Brownsville Baptist Church
Reception Venue: College Hill Center
Floral: J. Kent Freeman
Videographer: Sami Sue Studios
Photo booth: Hotshots Photobooth
Cake: Laurie Matlock
Catering: Me and My Tea Room

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