Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guidance Needed: Leg Warmers

Sorry for the odd photos in this post. It is ridiculously cold and windy outside today, and I was just not having it! I chose instead to utilize this gorgeous motif in my office building. These disciples (there are several more) were donated to the university, and somehow they ended up in our area. They look utterly ridiculous in the setting, but they are actually really neat. They used to be in a church, and I think they fit in a little better there :) When they first arrived we had visions of placing them in each other's offices, bathroom stalls, the top of the stairs, the elevator, etc., but we found out quickly that we couldn't do that as each one weighs about 50 KAGILLION POUNDS. I mean seriously, I have no idea how they got them up to our office in the first place. 

That is my "Oh no, Peter, look. I knocked some leaves off this fake tree. My apologies." look.

dress- Etsy (Jennifer Lilly)
shirt- Walmart
belt- Etsy (Mouse Trap Vintage)
necklace- Etsy (Laura Lombardi)
leggings- Target
leg warmers- gift
shoes- Old Navy

Now let's talk about these leg warmers. I have NEVER worn leg warmers. Never had a desire to, never really understood the point. Just wear pants, am I right? I still kind of don't get it, but I got these for Christmas and I figured I would try. Am I doing this right? The jury is still out. I know that as a whole this outfit is OOC (out of control), but I kind of like the busy-ness. Check out the Etsy stores I linked to in the details! All three are excellent sellers with some amazing pieces. I'm a huge fan of this dress even though you can see straight through it and the slightest breeze sends it floating up. I wish I knew enough about sewing to make a lining for it. I actually bought it to see if I liked it for possible bridesmaids dresses. It didn't pass thank goodness since it ended up being so cold. I didn't think my girls would like how short it was. 

So, can any of you give me advice on how to wear these leg warmers? Any other 80s trends you can advise me on? Side ponytails? Yes? How many questions can I ask in one paragraph?


Hollie said...

I actually think they're kind of cute! I always wear mine under my boots, like with a skirt.

Christine said...

You are the cutest ever.

alicia said...

leg warmers - yes.
side ponys - always yes.

super cute look!